If you are experiencing medical crisis or feel you are in danger, please call 9-1-1. If you are a survivor in need of immediate support, you may call RAINN’s emergency hotline or chat online 24/7. RAINN is a tremendous resource, and counselors there can help you find local agencies to provide ongoing services.



If you want to know more about legislation around Rape Kits in your state, you may visit endthebacklog. To date, this is the most comprehensive resource documenting proposed legislation across the country.



If you are a survivor whose kit has not been processed and would like advice on undertaking outreach to law enforcement, you can find a guide on what you may expect (along with information about reporting Police Misconduct) through Survivor-led PERL.


If you have support needs not described above (and are not in crisis), please feel free to reach out directly to Helena using the form to the right, or by emailing She will return your message as soon as possible.