After I Am Evidence: What Helena has Since Discovered

  This January, members of the sheriff’s department informed Helena that the DNA match identifying Charles Courtney was repeatedly sent to the Pico Rivera branch in 2003, where a detective failed to follow up on it (along with the leads sent by Michelle Bretin—the Ohio detective in the film—indicating that Charles Courtney was a serial…
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Box of Rain

At 16, I was ready to leave high school behind and follow the Grateful Dead. Without a plan, without a dollar. Just because.

Helena Cecilia Lazaro

There is never a day that I’m not a survivor. It’s not the only thing that I am; it’s not even the biggest part of who I am. But I can never erase it, or forget about it. And before I ask others to accept that, I have to accept it for myself.

Articles and Stories about Surviving Sexual Assault by Helena Lazaro

A Writer Writes

I’d like to say that it’s just something I grew out of, that it’s natural to move away from who we are. Those excuses worked for a long time, for me. But they’re lies.