• A Personal Triumph

    Helena was honored to introduce Vice President Joe Biden at a press conference addressing the landmark $41M funding to end the rape kit backlog.

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  • Our Collaborator: Joyful Heart

    As a consultant and speaker, Helena has provided The Joyful Heart Foundation with creative content, as well as appeared alongside Mariska Hargitay during fundraising galas and on television for Katie Couric.

  • Our Client: Artist Suzanne Lacy

    For performance artist Suzanne Lacy’s 2012 Getty recreation of her seminal 1979 work “Three Weeks in May,” Verbs organized press conferences and created press releases, press kits, and event programs.

  • Our Collaborator: Human Rights Watch

    Sarah Tofte’s “Testing Justice” report for Human Rights Watch helped spark the Rape Kit anti-backlog movement. Helena has spoken for Human Rights Watch and advocates to end the Backlog.

  • Our Client: Peace Over Violence

    Los Angeles rape crisis agency Peace Over Violence (formerly LACAAW) is a pioneer of the anti-violence movement. Verbs has proudly provided them with white papers, resource guides, and manuals.

    Dedicated to building healthy relationships, families and communities free from sexual, domestic and interpersonal violence.

Box of Rain

At 16, I was ready to leave high school behind and follow the Grateful Dead. Without a plan, without a dollar. Just because.

23rd Sep
No More

Helena Cecilia Lazaro

There is never a day that I'm not a survivor. It's not the only thing that I am; it's not even the biggest part of who I am. But I can never erase it, or forget about it. And before I ask others to accept that, I have to accept it for myself.

30th Nov
Survivorhood and Identity

A Writer Writes

I'd like to say that it's just something I grew out of, that it's natural to move away from who we are. Those excuses worked for a long time, for me. But they're lies.

27th Nov
Articles and Stories about Surviving Sexual Assault by Helena Lazaro